Confirmation at Shepherd of the Valley

Our confirmation ministry is centered around developing a relationship with Jesus Christ that will last a lifetime. Faith confirmation experiences include

  • participation in one-weekend Circuit retreat prior to Confirmation. Choose Spring of grade 7 or grade 8.
  • regular attendance and participation at The Circuit, Wednesday night youth ministry. You need to be here and in community with others to grow in your faith.
  • participation in Faith Share Night (fall of grade 9, typically).

Upon completing these experiences, students can choose to confirm their faith at a special Confirmation Service (9th grade or after). Post-confirmation, students are encouraged to continue participating in Sr Circuit and are invited to take a next step and join the Student Impact Circuit in Grade 9 & 10. Students in grades 11-12 are encouraged to be part of the Student Leadership team.

2018/2019  Retreats

April 5-7 2019  Jr Circuit Retreat, Camp Victory, Grades 7 & 8 (Registration is open at

NOTE: If your student is currently in 8th grade and did not attend the retreat in grade 7, they will need to participate in the upcoming April 5-7 retreat in order to meet the required confirmation experiences. A mission trip does not fulfill this requirement.

Historically, the Circuit confirmation students attend a mandatory “confirmation” retreat in the fall of their 9th grade year. In order to provide more flexible options for our students and families, students can now select a Circuit weekend retreat in grade 7-8. We invite you to attend every retreat, however, participation in one retreat satisfies the retreat experience confirmation requirement. A Jr Circuit retreat is offered each Spring, and a Sr Circuit retreat is offered each fall.

If students wish to confirm their faith after 9th grade, let us know and we would be happy to visit with them.