Seven Signs of John

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Gather a few friends, neighbors, or family members and together follow the season of Lent sermon series, Seven Signs of John. Stop by the Welcome Center for a Group Starter Kit and we’ll help you get going.


SessionSermon DateGroup DiscussionDiscussion Guide
#1 Water into WineMarch 1March 1–7Download
#2 Healing the Official’s SonMarch 8March 8–14 Download
#3 The Healing at the PoolMarch 15March 15–21 Download
#4 Feeding the 5,000 March 22March 22–28 Download
#5 Jesus Walks on WaterMarch 29March 29–April 4 Download
#6 Healing of a Blind ManApril 5April 5–11Download
#7 Raising of LazarusApril 12April 12–18Download

Videos & Discussion Questions

Session 1 | Water into Wine

Session 1 Discussion Guide

Session 2 | Healing the Official’s Son

Session 2 Discussion Guide

Session 3 | The Healing at the Pool

Session 3 Discussion Guide

Session 4 | Feeding the 5,000

Session 4 Discussion Guide

Session 5 | Jesus Walks on Water

Session 5 Discussion Guide

Session 6 | Healing of a Blind Man

Session 6 Discussion Guide

Session 7 |The Raising of Lazarus

Session 7 Discussion Guide