The false narrative is that the “good life” is achieved by fulfilling every human desire. How often have we heard (or said), “Do what makes you happy?” But will doing what makes you happy be truly fulfilling or will it still leave a sense of emptiness?

In January we studied The Good & Beautiful God and discovered how our picture of God gets twisted and how Jesus offers us a true picture of God and his character. In The Good & Beautiful Life, using Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7) we’ll continue this idea as we look at how our picture of ourselves gets twisted. But Jesus offers us a true picture of what will really satisfy us.

Use the discussion guides below and join this seven-week sermon and small group series The Good & Beautiful Life, diving deeper into finding joy in challenging times. Reading the book by James Bryan Smith is optional, and corresponding chapters are noted below.

Schedule & Discussion Guides

SessionSermon DateGroup DiscussionBook ChaptersDiscussion Guide
#1 The Good & Beautiful LifeSeptember 20September 20–261–3Download
#2 Live Without AngerSeptember 27September 27–October 34Download
#3 Live Without LustOctober 4October 4–105Download
#4 Live Without JudgingOctober 11October 11–1711Download
#5 Live Without GreedOctober 18October 18–249Download
#6 Live Without PrideOctober 25October 25–318Download
#7 Live Without WorryNovember 1November 1–710Download