____ As It Is In Heaven: As A Child

Pastor Jeremey King

May 12, 2019

Reading — Matthew 18:1–5

Confession — Gracious God, you have called us your children, invited us to embrace your Kingdom like a child, and called us to invite all our friends into your family. We confess that we have approached our faith without the wonder and joyful awe that you intend for us. Help us receive and share your love, welcoming all in your name. Amen.

Questions —
1. Describe a time when you felt childlike wonder and awe, even as an adult.
2. Read Matt 18:1-5 – What do you think Jesus means when he invites us to enter the Kingdom as a child? What childlike qualities are helpful?
3. In what ways can you have a childlike perspective on the Kingdom, and what difference would that make?
4. Who are those in verse 5 that we can welcome? How would this look for you?