Better: Fruit or Counterfeit

Pastor Sam Dittrich

July 7, 2019

Confession — Heavenly Father, we thank you for the freedom we have to gather and worship you. We thank you for Jesus who frees us from the bondage of sin and death. Forgive us for taking for granted our freedom. Forgives us for using our freedom in ways that hurt others and put ourselves first rather than you and your kingdom. Holy Spirit, give us the strength to freely live for you and give our lives away for others. Amen


  1. How do you know when something is real or counterfeit?
  2. Read John 15:1–8 Jesus’ focus for us is to become a fruitful person. In what ways is your focus similar and different than his?
  3. Galatians 5:22–23 shows us what God’s Fruit looks like. What part of the Fruit of the Spirit is undergrown in your life? How is God inviting you to stay connected to the vine in order to produce real lasting fruit?