For Good | Over the Long Haul

Pastor Jeremey King

July 19, 2020

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Discussion Questions print version:

  1. Describe a time in your life when you had a bad experience turn into a good one.
  2. Read Genesis 37. What can we learn about the power of comparison, favoritism, and jealousy? Describe a time when you have been jealous or experienced jealousy from someone else.
  3. Read Genesis 41. What was the difference between Joseph’s posture towards the dream of Pharaoh and his own in the earlier reading? How has God used his captivity in his life? How has God used your own trials to shape your character?
  4. Read Genesis 45:4–15. What might we learn from Joseph’s posture toward those that have harmed us?


Father, you know all things. You know our hearts, our experiences, when we have been hurt and when we have hurt others. You remind us you work all things together for good in our lives and in the world. We confess that in our sin, we forget your goodness. We get stuck and miss the bigger perspective you share with us. Forgive us and help us to see all of our circumstances through your eyes. Even when we can’t see it, help us trust your work for our good. Amen.

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