Lessons From Our Mothers | A Letter From Isolation

Pastor Jeremey King

May 10, 2020

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Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think it means that God wants us to live worthy of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27)? How might that look through the lens of Philippians 1:6?
  • Cyprian said, “No one can have God as Father who does not have the church as Mother.” How might the Church be analogous to a mother?
  • Who is someone you know who exemplifies a mother’s love? How?
  • Read 2 Timothy 1:5–6. Describe a time when you have been encouraged by the church and helped to see the best version of yourself?
  • Read Exodus 20:12. If we think of “honoring” as ascribing the same unsurpassable worth that God ascribes to us, then what are some ways you can ascribe unsurpassable worth to your mother or mother figures you know?
  • What do you notice about Paul’s prayer for the Philippian church in Philippians 1:9–11?

For a full study guide visit sov.church/groups/letter.