Fearless: About the Future

Pastor Steve Kramer

Confession — Almighty and merciful God, we approach your throne of grace this day asking for forgiveness. We have not loved you above all things. We have not loved our neighbor as ourselves. For the sake of Jesus, forgive us. Renew us and lead us with your Holy Spirit so that we might delight in… Read more »

Nothing but the Truth: No Sow. No Grow

Pastor Sam Dittrich

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, I have sinned against you and my neighbor in thought, word, and deed; through negligence, through weakness, and through my own deliberate fault. I am truly sorry and repent of all my sin. For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ who died for us, forgive me all that is… Read more »

Nothing but the Truth: God vs. Me

Pastor Christian Huntley

Loving Father, we confess that we are not perfect people and never will be. We sin against you and our neighbors through our words and actions. We admit that we cannot save ourselves. In your love and grace, forgive our sin and restore our relationships. Resotre our minds to think and behave more like you… Read more »