Summer Songs: Reflections of a Senior Saint

Pastor Steve Kramer

Almighty God, your know me well. You know all my thoughts, words, and actions. You know my tendency to leave you on the sideline of my life instead of placing you at center stage. You know that even though you have given me a commandment to love my neighbor as myself, I wind up either… Read more »

Summer Songs: Getting What We Deserve

Pastor Christian Huntley

Heavenly Father, We confess we have broken some of the rules and not lived up to your expectations. We do not deserve your forgiveness, and we have not earned it. But you are a good, good father. You are the giver of good gifts and redeemer of the world. Lord, forgive us. Please show us… Read more »

Summer Songs: Sadness and Praise

Pastor Christian Huntley

Heavenly Father, we confess that we have sinned against you in our thoughts, words, and actions. In our interactions with you and with one another we have been timid. We try to live in hiding, not talking about real things. Father, forgive us. May your Holy Spirit give us power to boldly speak your name… Read more »