Nothing but the Truth: Living in Line with the Gospel

Pastor Steve Kramer

O Lord our God, even as I come blundering into your presence in prayer, I am haunted by memories of duties unperformed, promptings disobeyed, and beckonings ignored. Opportunities to be kind knocked on the door of my heart and went weeping away. I am ashamed and tired of failure. For the sake of Jesus, forgive… Read more »

Nothing but the Truth: No Other Gospel

Pastor Steve Kramer

Confession — Almighty God, I admit that I have not been zealous enough in my discipleship. I have not struggled to understand the great ideas of the faith, nor have I really attempted to give you mastery of my life. I have lived selfishly in a world of misery and hunger, and have not sought… Read more »

Just What I Needed: Peace

Pastor Steve Kramer

Confession — O God our heavenly Father, I confess to you that I have seriously sinned against you in many ways; not only by outward violations of your commandments, but also by secret thoughts and desires which I cannot fully understand but which all are known to you. I sincerely repent and I am deeply… Read more »