The Apostles’ Creed: Welcome Holy Spirit

Pastor Mike Bradley

Reading — Luke 4:18–19 Questions — What is a question you have about the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives today? Why do you think it might be important that we have more than an intellectual and theological belief in the Holy Spirit? Has there been a time in your life when God used someone… Read more »

The Apostles’ Creed: For The Love of God

Pastor Christian Huntley

Confession — Father, you created me. You created my friends. You created everything around me. I confess that I have not always treated your creation with care. Please forgive me for any harm I’ve caused. Create in me eyes to marvel at your creation and a life that cares for your world. In the name… Read more »

_____ As It Is In Heaven: Why the Kingdom

Pastor Jeremey King

Reading — Matthew 13:1–23, Confession — Lord, you have invited us to be sowers in your Kingdom, spreading the good seed of your message of grace in the world. We confess that we have spread your seed sparingly. We have not shared the good news of your love with everyone we know through our words… Read more »

____ As It Is In Heaven: Now and Later

Pastor Jeremey King

Reading — Luke 17:20–21, Confession — Heavenly Father, You ave been with us all throughout our lives. You see our successes and our failures, where our lives match your Kingdom values, and where we are not yet transformed. Forgive us for the times we have resisted your plan for us, for ignoring your Kingdom that… Read more »

____ As It Is In Heaven: As A Child

Pastor Jeremey King

Reading — Matthew 18:1–5 Confession — Gracious God, you have called us your children, invited us to embrace your Kingdom like a child, and called us to invite all our friends into your family. We confess that we have approached our faith without the wonder and joyful awe that you intend for us. Help us… Read more »