Transformed: Relationships Matter

Pastor Julio Volcy

Questions — Read Hebrews 10:24–25. What are we to do in our human relationships? What happens when we neglect people and fail to do these things? Read Proverbs 13:20, 20:6, and 27:17. How does your choice in relationships inform who you are becoming? Read John 15:4–8. How does your connection to Jesus impact your human… Read more »

Transformed: Spirituality

Pastor Christian Huntley

Reading — Psalm 1:1–3 , Confession — Gracious God, we confess that we sin against you by chasing after the self-help world instead of the restoration you offer. We want quick fixes instead of deep relationship. Please transform our hearts so that we can see ourselves and the world through the lens of your love…. Read more »

Transformed: Making Room for God to Work

Pastor Jeremey King

Confession — Gracious God, You designed us to draw our life and purpose from you. We confess that we have looked to other things to give us life. In your grace, reshape our hearts. Help us create margin in our live to hear your voice, shaping our lives after Jesus. Amen Questions — Who is… Read more »

Vision Sunday | Do You See What I See?

Pastor Jeremey King

Confession — Heavenly Father, we come admitting that we have not always obeyed your commandments. We have not loved you with our whole hearts, and we have not loved others as much as we love ourselves. Too often we have looked to be served instead of to serve. Because of Jesus and the cross, forgive us… Read more »

We Are Shepherd: All Means All

Pastor Jeremey King

Reading — John 3:16–17, Confession — Gracious God, You have adopted us and called us your children. Even when we are far from you, you pull us near and remind us we are loved. Yet, we don’t do the same for others. We confess that we fail to love like you love in our neighborhoods,… Read more »