We Are Shepherd: LiveBetterConnected

Pastor Christian Huntley

Reading — Ephesians 4:15–16, Confession — Lord, we confess that our busyness leaves us tired and without good connection. In our haste, we overlook our friends and neighbors, saying, “We should get together sometime.” Yet sometime comes too infrequently. Rekindle in us a heart for connection and give us the patience to be truly present…. Read more »

What You Are Made To Do: Discovering Your Passions

Pastor Jeremey King

Confession — Gracious God, you have given us everything. You have rescued us by the passion of your Son and have called us into your service by giving us spiritual gifts. We confess that we have not allowed your passion to become ours. Forgive us, remind us again how you have made each of us…. Read more »