Prodigal: Join the Party

Pastor Jeremey King

November 24, 2019

Reading — Luke 15:20–24, Confession — Father, we thank you for your prodigal love for us. You consistently come to us in grace and invite us into your celebration. We confess that we have resisted your invitations. Please help us remember that all you have is ours. We are free to celebrate with You and be glad for all You are doing in and through us. Amen.

Questions —

  • Describe your favorite party experience.
  • Read Luke 15: 11-32 — If you were the older son in the story, how would you feel when you heard about your brother’s return? How would you feel about entering the party after the Father’s appeal?
  • Describe a modern day example of  the older son’s reaction.
  • What are some celebrations Jesus may be inviting you into during this season? When is the last time you had a party with Jesus?