Prodigal: The Prodigal Church

Pastor Jeremey King

November 17, 2019

Reading — Luke 15:20–24, Confession — Father, you are extravagant in your expression of love and provision for us. You give us all that we have and call us to be extravagant with our love and resources for others in your name. We confess that we sometimes let fear or self-centeredness get in the way of our call to generosity. Help us to see all that we have through the lens of your son Jesus and his great love for us so that we might be extravagant in sharing that Grace with the world around us. Amen.


  • Describe a time when someone shared from their abundance with you.
  • Read Luke 15: 11-32. If you were a member of the village  where the Prodigal Father lived, how might you be tempted to view him?
  • What are some modern examples of that kind of prodigal love in today’s culture?
  • How can Shepherd of the Valley continue to grow in this Prodigal God’s generosity here in the St. Croix Valley and beyond?