Prodigal: The Prodigal Father

Pastor Sam Dittrich

November 10, 2019

Reading — Luke 15:20b–24, Confession — God, there is a part of all of us that mistakenly thinks we can earn your love and grace. As a result, the things we say, do, and think tend to define our worth. Jesus, forgive us for trying to earn what was always meant to be a free gift. Help us receive your grace today that we might give grace to the world you’ve placed us in. Amen.

Questions —

  • When have you received a gift you didn’t deserve?
  • Read Luke 15: 20b-24. In what ways do you relate to this story?
  • After hearing the message, how has your definition of prodigal been expanded? What do we learn about the father that makes him a prodigal?
  • How does God’s grace change the way you see yourself and others?