Seeing is NOT Believing | 7 Signs of John

Pastor Jeremey King

April 5, 2020

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Gracious Father, You invite us to see the world through your eyes and to trust that life is far bigger than what we see with our own. We confess that we cling to what we see with our eyes and not your vision. We have not trusted you with our whole heart and we have not loved as you love. Forgive us and renew us so that we can receive your vision and look at the world with opened eyes. Amen.


John 9:1-41

Discussion Questions:

  • Read John 9:1–5. What was the common understanding in Biblical times regarding sin and suffering? How do we understand suffering today?
  • Read John 9:6–34. What are some of the responses to the healing of the blind man? How do the responses of the Pharisees differ from that of the healed man or his parents? How would you respond to this healing?
  • What challenge or setback in your life has been an opportunity for God to be at work?
  • Is it easy or difficult for you to talk to others about Jesus? Have people been receptive?
  • When have you thought you were right about something, but turned out to be wrong? How did it feel? Is it hard for you to admit your mistakes?
  • Describe your own spiritual sight: is it blind, blurry, or clear? What “blind spots” might exist for you, and how could you correct them?

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