Unprecedented | A Letter From Isolation

Pastor Sam Dittrich

May 3, 2020

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Reading: Philippians 3

Confession: Jesus, we come to you with burdens, regrets, and stress. We tend to rely on our own strength, trying to solve things ourselves. Forgive us for all the ways we keep you at arm’s length. Teach us to put our trust in you and let you be our strength. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Discussion Questions:

  • Read Philippians 3:1–11. In verses 2–6, Paul talks about the reasons he has to “put his confidence in the flesh”—basically his spiritual resume. What does it mean to have “confidence in the flesh?” What would be on your spiritual resume?
  • What things are most important to you in life? Where does your relationship with Christ fit into that?
  • In verse 8 Paul says he considers everything in his life as meaningless in comparison to his relationship with Christ. How was he able to maintain this attitude? What can we learn from him?
  • Paul sees his current circumstance through the filter of the cross. How might we “flip our filter” from COVID-19 first to the cross first?
  • Read Philippians 3:12–4:1. What does Paul mean when he talks about needing to press on in faith and look forward even when it is difficult? What does that look like in today’s context?
  • Paul speaks of the “upward call” (v.14) and talks of our “citizenship being in heaven”(v. 20). What does he mean? How can we have an eternal mindset versus being focused on what is happening here and now?

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