Vision Sunday | Do You See What I See?

Pastor Jeremey King

September 8, 2019

Confession — Heavenly Father, we come admitting that we have not always obeyed your commandments. We have not loved you with our whole hearts, and we have not loved others as much as we love ourselves. Too often we have looked to be served instead of to serve. Because of Jesus and the cross, forgive us of all our sins. In this new day, help us to walk in your light. Help us to look to you for guidance and direction as we continue to plan our priorities. Fill us with your Holy Spirit as assurance of your love and grace. In the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Questions —

  • Describe a time when you noticed something that had been in front of you all along.
  • Read Luke 7:36-50 — How does being forgiven much lead to loving much? What are some examples from your own life?
  • In the story Jesus asks “do you see this woman?” Who are the unseen in our own culture? How can we listen to Jesus and “see” those who are unseen?
  • Read Luke 19 — How did Jesus actions toward Zacchaeus change the direction of his life? How can we posture ourselves in the same way today?