We Are Shepherd: Who is my Neighbor?

Pastor Jeremey King

August 25, 2019

Reading — Matthew 5:13–16, Confession — Father, you call us to share your tangible love with those around us, to meet great need with your great love. We confess that we have let our focus drift from your mission to our concerns. We have not served as you have served us, we have not loved as you have loved us. Forgive us and renew us that we may find joy in serving others in your name. Help us to make friends of enemies and to ascribe unsurpassable worth to everyone we meet in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Questions —
  • Describe a time you experienced the kindness of a stranger.
  • Read Luke 10:25-37 — Which character do you identify with most in Jesus’ story today and why?
  • Who are some of the “Samaritans” (groups who are different and sometimes discriminated against) in our culture today?
  • Read Matthew 5:13-16 — List some specific acts of service that you can take to be salt and light in our community, connecting all people to a growing relationship with Jesus.
    What action will you take this week?