We Are Shepherd: Worship

August 11, 2019

Reading — John 4:19–24, Confession — Father, we admit our attention easily drifts. Forgive us when our worship isn’t about focusing our attention and affection on you and you alone. May we see that worship to you is not limited to a time, space, and place, but encompasses our whole lives. Help us position ourselves to be available and attentive to your leading in this place and in the world. Amen.

Questions —

  • What things do you give significant time, energy, attention, or resources?

Read John 4:19-24

  • How does Jesus change the woman’s idea of worship?
  • How does Jesus stretch our current thinking about worship? What are some similarities and differences

“Your life will always be formed by the object of your worship.”

  • What change in your current worship practice (inside or outside the walls of the church) are you willing to make in order to be formed more like God this week?