What You Are Made To Do: Find Your Style!

Pastor Christian Huntley

July 28, 2019

Reading — 1 Samuel 16:4–13, Confession — Gracious God, we confess that we are often frustrated by our differences. We rub one another the wrong way and get on one another’s nerves. Please forgive us. Restore our hearts and open our minds, so that we can better appreciate the uniqueness you’ve created in each of us. Help us live with an attitude of love, looking for the best in one another. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.



  • On vacations, do you prefer to be spontaneous or plan ahead? Why?
  • Read 1 Samuel 16. What does it mean that “the Lord looks at the heart”? Why do you think Samuel passed over David’s brothers, and then anointed David?
  • What’s your style? Are you happiest accomplishing goals or interacting with people? Do you like being in the spotlight or behind the scenes? Do you get energy being alone or with people?
  • How does your style compliment your spiritual gifts? What is a need you are uniquely designed to meet?