SERMON ARCHIVE : A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol | Joy To The World | Christian Huntley

Pastor Christian Huntley

Discussion Questions: • How do you express joy? When were you most recently joyful? •Read Psalm 98. According  to the psalmist, why should we sing a new song? • What things does God do that should cause us all to “shout for joy?” -What has God done in your life that you can be joyful… Read more »

A Christmas Carol | O Come Emmanuel | Jeremey King

Pastor Jeremey King

Confession: Lord Jesus, you asked us to wait and watch with you. Each year we pause and celebrate your birth, but we often let the busyness of the season make our hearts sleepy. We confess that we forget to be watchful for what you are doing in the world today. Forgive us and remind us… Read more »