By Design: Designed to Reconcile

Pastor Christian Huntley

Reading — Philemon 8–17, Confession — Gracious God, we confess that we are quick to ask for forgiveness, but slow to grant it. We want justice for those that hurt us and we want leniency when we hurt others. Please forgive us. Help us remember the grace we freely receive from you is available to… Read more »

By Design: God Works In Mysterious Ways

Pastor Steve Kramer

Reading — Luke 1:26–38, Confession — Gracious God, I admit that I have not been zealous enough in my discipleship. I have not struggled to understand the great ideas of the faith, nor have I really attempted to give you mastery over my life. In my busyness, insecurity, and fear, I have often ignored your… Read more »

By Design: Moses

Pastor Christian Huntley

Reading — Exodus 4:10–17, Confession — Redeeming God, we know that you are the greater of all freedom and savior from all oppression. We confess that our actions do not always reflect our knowledge. Instead, we use our thoughts and actions to seek our comfort and status, rather than your love and justice. God, forgive our… Read more »