Meet Pastor Jeremey

Meet Pastor Jeremey King

Ministry Profile

  • Lead pastor at Radiant Church (Huntington Beach, Calif.), an LCMC congregation he planted in 2009 that now serves 250.
  • Advisor serving four non-profits launched by Radiant in their community: Summer Harvest, Baja Love Outreach, Angels of Love, and Serra Counseling Center.
  • Chaplain, Huntington Beach Police Department.
  • Prior to founding Radiant: 10 years serving in roles including youth pastor in a congregation of 1000+, and interim pastor and preaching team leader.
  • Member of the Ministry Board of LCMC since 2012.
  • Adjunct faculty at The Master’s Institute Seminary in White Bear Lake.

In Pastor Jeremey’s Words

“I am passionate about helping others hear the still small voice of the One who ascribes them unsurpassable worth. I share Shepherd’s commitment to teaching the Bible in an authentic and practical way. I am drawn to a congregation focused on the small group as the core of daily Christian faith-life. I support a congregation being willing to try new things at a healthy pace, using its raw materials of talent, time, and resource to accomplish a God-given mission. I work with core team members to develop a level of trust and accountability that allows me to stay out of the details and focus on developing strengths. I believe a church that forms kingdom partnerships with other congregations, organizations, and civic bodies can open doors that would normally be shut to the Gospel.”

Pastoral Strengths

  • Preaching and teaching, making the Bible relevant.
  • Passion for listening to the Holy Spirit and to what God is doing in and through His people.
  • Vision casting, working collaboratively and unifying people to accomplish God’s purposes.
  • Equipping the church to serve a world in need of the healing message of the Gospel.



  • Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, Calif.): Master of Divinity
  • Luther Seminary (St Paul, Minn.): Courses in Lutheran Confessions, Lutheran Worship and Mission
  • BIOLA University (La Mirada, Calif.): B.S., Organizational Leadership


Jeremey and his wife Michelle have two children: Gabriel, who is 10; and Neriyah, 8. Though he grew up in Southern California, both he and Michelle have family in Minnesota. Jeremey’s mother has roots here, and Michelle grew up in Cambridge and Forest Lake. Jeremey and Michelle, a licensed family therapist, often team teach and lead marriage retreats together.