Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”  (Jeremiah 33:3).

Join us in praying for God’s guidance throughout the process of selecting our next senior pastor. Those of you looking for direction about how to pray will find below a list of requests related to our current place in The Search process. This list was compiled by a dedicated Prayer Team assembled by the Transition Team. They will update it as we move forward, so remember to check back periodically.

Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Requests as of February 13 print version

For the Congregation
Prayer in the Spirit of Jeremiah 29:11-13 concerning the future.
Prayer for the congregation to welcome and receive the new senior pastor, spouse and family when they arrive.
Prayer to develop a desire to participate in any way possible in the process and to be confident in God’s direction.
Prayer for complete faith and trust in God’s provision of the next senior pastor.
Prayer of thanksgiving for all the areas of SOV heath as described at the Congregational Meeting last Sunday.
Prayer that there would be no fear or anxiety and complete confidence in God’s coming provision.

For the Staff
Prayers for the other pastors and staff during this time of transition and for their welcoming spirit and assistance when the new senior pastor arrives.

For Steve and Julie Kramer
Prayer for support and a deep awareness for them of our love and appreciation for their great role modeling and leadership of Shepherd.
A thanksgiving prayer for Steve and how he has mentored the staff to be healthy, skilled and caring to each other and to the members.

For our next Senior Pastor
Prayer that God is already ahead of us preparing our next senior pastor and family to receive the call of Shepherd when it comes.
Prayer that our next senior pastor will be focused on the Gospel and continue to lead us in bringing people to a growing relationship with Jesus.

For Nancy Moore and Team
During this next two weeks, we pray that God would direct the development of our Candidate Profile and how it will speak to the right person.

For the Council, Search and Transition Teams
Prayer for all the teams for the hours that they will put in for clarity of and discernment in their roles.
Prayer to find the right fit for Shepherd and for our new senior pastor, both ways.
Wisdom in communication team, Kris Olson and all team leaders to keep us informed and also keep confidentiality.

If you would like support about how to pray or would like to pray with someone, please email or use myShepherd to contact any of the Prayer Team members: Rachel Allgor, Cathy Colman, Carol Entwistle, Harold Hansen, Jamie Kromer, Rich Larson, Dagni Lee, Jann Maurer, Andrew Nippert, Dick Reed and Lisa Roettger.