Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”  (Jeremiah 33:3).

Join us in praying for God’s guidance throughout the process of selecting our next senior pastor. This list was compiled by a dedicated Prayer Team, based on where our church is in The Search process. Thank you for your prayers.

January 20 Prayer Team Update print version

Three Days of Prayer for Shepherd of the Valley
As we move into the 2019 New Year facing many transitions as a community, let’s come together in prayer for three days.

Day One: Monday, January 21
This is a day focused on thanksgiving.

  • Give thanks for how God has met the needs of this congregation over the last 40 years, growing us in faith and spreading the gospel.
  • Give thanks for how God has positioned us to be ready for the next 40 years as a strong, faithful congregation.
  • Give thanks for how God has walked with us through this time of transition and change, guiding and encouraging us along the journey.
  • Give thanks for strong adult, student and children’s ministries that are nurturing and growing the faith of people of all ages.
  • Give thanks for a talented and enthusiastic staff with many gifts and passions, serving in unity and love.
  • Give thanks for Pastor Steve: for how he has poured himself into his ministry through preaching, teaching, counseling and music; for the blessing of his presence, his leadership and his friendship; and for his grace, love and mercy for this congregation.
  • Give thanks for Pastor Jeremey: for how the Holy Spirit has guided him to his next season of ministry, for all he has done at Radiant Church, and for all that God has planned for him here at Shepherd.

Day Two: Tuesday, January 22
This is a day of petition.

  • Pray for staff and leaders in our congregation who carry out ministries, whether in sovKids, The Circuit, small groups, serving and mission teams, worship, or other areas.
  • Pray for those who serve our community in schools, in prisons, in food ministries, in hospital or nursing home ministries, and with those
    fighting addictions.
  • Pray that all those connected to our church might know God’s redeeming love in Christ.
  • Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual health for our staff.
  • Pray for health and protection for both Pastor Steve and Pastor Jeremey and their families as they work through the logistics of transitioning their roles.

Day Three: Wednesday, January 23
This is a day for vision—a prayer for renewal, revival, and encouragement.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to move through the hearts and minds of our church leaders and pastors; that God’s vision for His church might be revealed and fulfilled.
  • Pray for God’s vision to be realized as we say farewell to Pastor Steve and transition to having Pastor Jeremey as our new senior pastor.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the transition teams working with both pastors, so they can encourage and support them and their families.
  • Pray for unity of spirit amongst our church staff and congregation, that we remain united with Christ to serve in this Valley and connect more people to a growing relationship with Him.
December 2 Prayer Team Update
Given the recent congregational vote affirming that we extend a call to Pastor Jeremey King to be our next senior pastor, please join us in praying during the transition months ahead:
  • Offer praise for how God has led this process and brought HIS candidate to Shepherd to be our next leader.
  • Give thanks that, as a faith community, Shepherd remained committed to following God’s plan and had many volunteers rise up to help with the process.
  • Pray for wisdom and peace as both Pastor Jeremey and his wife Michelle make decisions about bringing honorable closure to their current positions.
  • Pray for God’s peace and guidance as Pastor Jeremey and Michelle sell their home in California and find a new one here.
  • Pray for Gabriel and Neriyah’s transition to a new school and that God would bring them precious new friends.
  • Pray for continued unity across the staff and congregation and for wisdom and assurance of God’s good plans for our future.
  • Pray for clarity on all the logistical details over the next few months and for a spirit of grace and patience in all.
  • Give thanks for Pastor Steve and his faithful, humble leadership over the past three decades.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve and Julie to feel clear guidance from the Holy Spirit’s about what is next for them.

November 11 Prayer Team Update

We give thanks for the news that Council and Search Team unanimously support calling Jeremey King to be our next senior pastor. As we move into the transition phase of this process, please include the following in your prayers:
  • Pray for openness to change for Shepherd of the Valley as we look toward welcoming a new senior pastor.
  • Pray for Pastor Jeremey, his wife Michelle and their two children as they prepare to say their goodbyes and move to Minnesota.
  • Pray for Shepherd staff and their ministry efforts as they truly begin moving into this time of transition.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve and Julie as they move closer toward Steve’s retirement.

November 2 Prayer Team Update print version

With the news that the Search Team has identified a finalist candidate for our senior pastor position, please continue to pray for the process. Specific prayer requests include:
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for all involved, with thanks for the Holy Spirit’s continued presence in this process.
  • Pray that if God sees this finalist as our next leader, he will provide peace about the decision, both for us and for the candidate.
  • Pray that we continue to trust God through this change — especially as we all start to see the transition happening.
  • Pray that God will continue to guide and unify staff as a ministry team, particularly as this change begins to become more real.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve and Julie: for strength, peace and well being as the long goodbyes begin with Snowbirds leaving for the winter.
  • Pray that as a congregation, we all will be open and welcoming to a new leader.

October 12 Prayer Team Update print version

Please continue to support The Search process by praying as follows:

  • Pray that NL Moore and Associates will bring forth the right candidates.
  • Pray for the candidates to feel God’s calling on their lives.
  • Pray for the Search Team to remain faithful to their mission to seek out the right leader for Shepherd of the Valley.
  • Pray that our staff and congregation will be open to God’s choice for our new leader.
  • Pray that all aspects of the process will be infused with God’s wisdom, discernment and protection.

September 27 Prayer Team Update print version

Please continue to support The Search process by praying as follows:

  • Pray for wisdom for the consultants as they screen candidates for our senior pastor position.
  • Pray for clarity and discernment for the pastors who are considering the role.
  • Pray that the pastor God has in mind for us will be open to the call of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that all involved in the process will trust in the Lord’s leading and have patience and peace.
  • Pray for the congregation and staff to receive God’s blessed assurance that the process is progressing according to His perfect timing.

August 30 Prayer Team Update print version

With the Search Team’s recent update about our return to the Sourcing Phase, they forwarded the prayer requests listed below. Thank you for continuing to pray for this process.

  • Pray for the encouragement and steadfastness of the Search Team.
  • Pray for our consultants to be directed to the right candidate.
  • Pray that the right candidates will sense a stirring to respond.
  • Pray for the Council, Transition Team, staff and Pastor Steve.
  • Pray that our congregation remains unified and positive as we trust God to select our next leader in His perfect timing.

August 23 Prayer Team Update print version

Thank you for your faithful prayers! As we move into the Selection Phase of the search process, please pray for the following:

  • Pray for God’s wisdom, both for the Search Team and the finalists
  • Pray that the team remains open to the Holy Spirit’s leading
  • Pray for clarity and unity as the team makes decisions
  • Pray for the congregation and staff as we all prepare for a new and different leader

August 10 Prayer Team Update print version

Thank you for your continued prayers!  With the Search Team’s recent update announcing that we have two finalist candidates for our senior pastor position, they included the following list of prayer requests:
  • Please pray for God’s wisdom to guide our way, and for clarity and unity as decisions are made.
  • Pray for the Search Team to be attentive to the (sometimes) still, small voice of the Holy Spirit and to follow in obedience.
  • Pray for all the details related to candidate interviews and visits to come together without any issues. Pray for safe travel for all.
  • Pray for all those involved in candidate interviews to be prayerful, discerning and wise in their reflections and recommendations.
  • Pray for the candidates and their families. The end of this process will result in a call to a new church family, community, school and home.
  • Pray for God’s peace to rule in their hearts and minds with so much change to family life potentially on the horizon.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve and Julie as they continue to walk this uncharted road.
  • Pray for the staff as they prepare to serve under a new and different leader.

July 3 Prayer Team Update print version

Join us to pray specifically for the Search process during the HOME service at 7:00 pm on July 18!

In the meantime, as our search for a new senior pastor moves toward the Interview Phase during the month of July, please continue to support the process with prayer:

  • Offer prayers of thanksgiving that the Search is progressing so well and that God has brought us this far through the process.
  • Please pray for continued wisdom and openness to God’s direction for the Search Team.
  • Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be present with the Search Team as they meet.
  • Please continue to pray for our great church staff as they prepare for new leadership and head into fall programming.
  • Please pray for Pastor Steve and Julie as they plan for their next season.

June 18 Prayer Team Update print version

As our consultant Nancy Moore and her team move toward finalizing the candidate pool, she sent along the following prayer requests:

  • Please continue to pray that the final steps of qualification of candidates goes smoothly.
  • Please pray that the right candidates feel moved strongly by God to participate in the process.
  • Please pray for the candidates: that God would touch their hearts with joy and peace, that he will provide a sense of calling, and that he will prepare them and their families for a call to Shepherd.
  • Please pray for God to instill a sense of excitement and momentum about Shepherd in the hearts of these good individuals.
  • Please pray that God will stir the heart and mind of anyone whom He’d still like to step into the process.
  • Please pray that the people of Shepherd would love one another well and feel a renewed sense of anticipation for the future.
  • Please pray for the staff team — that they spur one another on during a season that can feel uncertain, that they would be caring toward one another and others, and that they would experience the super national peace of God daily.
  • Please pray for Pastor Steve and Julie — that God would grant them peace and encouragement as this transition draws near.

June 1 Prayer Team Update print version

  • Offer praise and thanksgiving for the work God has done bringing candidates to our consultants for screening
  • Pray for strength, unity and focus as the Search Team begins interviews during the next month or so.
  • Pray for Shepherd staff to remain healthy and strong through this year of transition and to know how much the congregation appreciates them and their hard work.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve, Julie and family to remain strong in body, mind and spirit as they prepare for a new phase.

May 18 Prayer Team Update print version

Please continue to pray for May 4 topics listed below, with the addition of the following:

  • Pray that God will lead the Search Team to prepare the right questions to ask candidates and to stay focused on his will during the interviews
  • Pray that as we approach the summer months, schedules will not hinder the process for candidates or the Search Team.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you” (Psalm 32:8).

May 4 Prayer Team Update print version

  • Pray that pastors being contacted by the consultant would be open to the conversation and that God would use the interaction to provide discernment to them about the opportunity.
  • Pray that God will lead the consultant to the right sourcing pools.
  • Pray that connections will be made with the right pastors.
  • Pray that those pastors who should be in the applicant pool would have an overwhelming sense of draw to explore the opportunity.
  • Pray that consultant team’s communication and efficiency will remain crisp and drive momentum as they work together through the interview, assessment and pre-referencing process.
  • Pray that Shepherd’s congregation and staff will remain encouraged and unified.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve to feel God’s guidance through his final year with us.
  • Pray that the Council, Transition Team and Search Teams stay encouraged during the quiet, waiting period of this Sourcing Phase.
  • Pray for God’s will to be done through it all.

April 20 Prayer Team Update print version

What a wonderful update we received recently about the progress of the senior pastor search from our consultant Nancy Moore. Even though this is a quiet phase for us as confidential candidate networking and sourcing is proceeding, she shared a very upbeat report.

Nancy says that she and her team can tell when a church is praying for the process. She described a “strong initial response” to our materials and the outreach they are making, in spite of the timing falling around Palm Sunday and Easter. This confirms that God’s hand is certainly on the process, thanks be to Him.

Nancy says the response is a confirmation that we are committed to prayer to support our search. Thank you for your prayers — they are supporting the whole effort. She requests that we continue to pray in the following ways:

  • Pray that Nancy and Team are empowered by the Holy Spirit as they do their good work on our behalf.
  • Ask God to go before them to draw the right candidates into the process.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for both the search committee and the candidates to ask the right questions and share the right information.
  • If the pastor has a family, pray that they would feel attracted to know more and consider our church as their next church home.
  • Pray for God’s will to be done through all the steps and process ahead.
  • Pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for his care of and guidance to our search.

If you would like support about how to pray or would like to pray with someone, please email or use myShepherd to contact any of the Prayer Team members: Rachel Allgor, Cathy Colman, Carol Entwistle, Harold Hansen, Jamie Kromer, Rich Larson, Dagni Lee, Jann Maurer, Andrew Nippert, Dick Reed, Lisa Roettger, and Rob Stevenson.