Activity & Discussion: How Can You Love?

A bag, a BAND-AID®, a mini snack pack or treat, a small toy, and a heart

Before the Activity: Gather all the items in the supply list and put them into the opaque bag.

During the Activity: Have your child pull an item from the bag and then share how they might use that item to show love.

Snack pack: share a snack with a friend
BAND-AID: help a friend who is hurt
Small toy: share with a new friend
A heart: give someone a hug

Before the Activity: Come sit down over here with me. In our Bible story today, we learned that Jesus loves everyone! And when we follow Him, we can love everyone, too. In this bag, I have several items that you can use to show love to others. I want you to reach into the bag, pick an item, and then share how you might use it to show love to someone else.”

After the Activity: “You have SO many great ideas for showing love to others! I want to follow Jesus every day and show love to everyone, too. Jesus is the BEST leader to follow for sure. Tell me: Who can you follow? I can follow Jesus.” 

There are so many people that feel lonely, are isolated and maybe even a little scared.  Make a card for someone (a grandparent, someone in the nursing home, a health care worker) and mail it.


Activity & Discussion: Party Time

Party decorations, snack, (party hats- have your kids make their own hat)

Talk about the choices the older brother in our story made today.

  • How did the father react when his son returned? (He forgave him and threw a huge party to celebrate his son’s return)
  • Where was the older brother when the younger son returned? (Working in the field)
  • How did the older brother react when he found out that the party was for his younger brother who’d returned home? (He was angry)
  • What did the older brother say to the father? (“All these years I have worked, I obeyed. You’ve never thrown me a party.”)
  • Why do you think the older brother was SO mad? Can you relate to this?
  • Why do you think the father celebrated in such a big way?

“I can relate to the older brother in this story. He’s right; he was the one who had stayed, the one who worked hard and honored his dad. But he missed out. Because he thought it was more important to be right than to forgive, he missed the opportunity to celebrate his brother’s return. Sometimes we do the same thing. We want to make a point or prove that we’re right and the other person is wrong. But in the end, your friendship is WAY more important than winning an argument. We need to offer forgiveness when someone apologizes and means it. Because when you don’t forgive, you miss out.”