Activity & Discussion

  • Ten paper plates (ideally yellow)
  • Permanent marker

BEFORE THE ACTIVITY: Use the permanent marker to write the numbers, 1-10 on the center of each plate, one number per plate. Hide the plates around the house for the kids to find.

DURING THE ACTIVITY: Gather your family together and explain that there are ten “coins” hidden around the room. Allow everyone to search until all ten “coins” are found. Then, work together to put them in order, counting to ten together. If time allows, have everyone close their eyes as you hide the coins again. After all plates are found again, put them in order and count to ten.

DURING THE ACTIVITY: “Hey everyone! Come over here with me! I’ve hidden ten ‘coins’ around the house. Let’s work together to find all ten. Then, we’ll put them in order and count together.”


  • How many coins was the woman supposed to have? 10
  • What did the woman do when she realized she lost one of her coins? She searched until she found it
  • Can you share a time you lost something?
  • What are some ways God created you special?

Then say: “Jesus told this story about the woman and the lost coin because He wants us to know that we are special to God, just like the coin was special to the woman. God loves us and wants us to be with Him always. And nothing, NOTHING, can ever separate us from God’s love.”


Activity & Discussion

  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Dice
  • Enlist kids’ help in setting up the activity. Use the construction paper and tape to create a hopscotch path. Draw a question mark on three different pages.

  • Instruct kids to line up behind the two hopscotch paths.

  • Give the first person in line a die.

  • The first person in line rolls the die, which will tell them how many spaces they should hop. (The spots with two squares next to each other count as two spaces.)

  • Whenever a kid land on a “?” spot, ask them a story review question (below).

  • During each kid’s turn, they continue rolling the die until they reach the end of the hopscotch

  • Then it’s the next kid’s turn.

  • If you run out of questions, repeat the questions below or make up some of your own!


  1. Who appeared to Philip in the middle of him telling people about Jesus? (an angel of the Lord)
  2. What did the angel tell him to do? (to leave and go to the desert road that led to Gaza)
  3. Who did Philip encounter while traveling on the desert road? (an Ethiopian official)
  4. What was the man doing? (he had traveled to worship God in the temple and was trying to read Scripture)
  5. What did God tell Philip to do? (go to the chariot)
  6. And what did Philip do after he realized the Ethiopian official needed help understanding the Scripture? (he told the man about Jesus)
  7. What big decision did the Ethiopian official make after learning all about Jesus? (he got
  8. What happened to Philip after the man was baptized? (God’s Spirit took him away so he could continue telling people about Jesus)


“Showing determination can be difficult when you have some questions holding you up, can’t it? The Ethiopian official could have easily gotten frustrated when he wasn’t understanding the words that were written about God. Have you ever had a question you just couldn’t seem to understand? What did you do? (Allow time for responses.)

“Instead of letting his question hold him back, the man from Ethiopia let Philip help him learn more about who Jesus was. And you guys know the end of the story. His determination led to a pretty amazing outcome! I wonder what epic story could be on the other side of our determination? Let today’s story be a reminder that you can [Bottom Line] keep going even when you have questions.”