Covid-19 Response

Health & Safety

During this worldwide pandemic, we've made decisions not out of fear, but out of respect for our elected officials and medical experts and, most importantly, love for our community. We are currently offering both in-person and online options for worship, children and student ministries, and small groups.

Per CDC and state guidelines, as of May 14, 2021 individuals are no longer required to wear a mask at Shepherd. It is recommended that those who are not vaccinated continue to wear a mask indoors.
Also, in alignment with local schools' guidelines, children participating in sovKids ministries are not required but welcome to wear masks.

Your safety and health are important to us. To keep everyone safe, we ask that you not attend in person or use nursery care if you or someone in your party are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 including a fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, and a loss of taste or smell.

It’s our custom at the end of worship to invite the congregation to go be the Church. We believe that the Church is not a building or a program but the family of God called to love the world around us. Now, and as we brave through 2021, we will be:

People of Faith: According to the book of Hebrews, faith is the real expectation of things yet unseen. Our faith tells us that God is with us through every trial and that we need not be afraid.

People of Prayer: The book of Philippians tells us that the remedy for fear is to bring concerns to God in prayer with thanksgiving in our hearts and he will give us peace. Let’s not respond to this pandemic with fear and judgement, but with prayer.

People of Generosity: When crisis and uncertainty come, we can be tempted to hold back. God is inviting Shepherd to reach even further into our community and has all the abundance ready to do so among us already.