Celebrating Radical Generosity

November 21, 2021

Series: Love Gives

Service: Sunday

Book: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 35:4–36:7

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe a time when God moved your heart to be radically generous.
  2. Read Exodus 35:4–36:7. What do you notice about the motivation behind giving time, talent, and treasure to build the tabernacle? What happened when God moved so many people to be radically generous? How might that same generosity affect ministry here through Shepherd of the Valley?
  3. Read Nehemiah 8:17–18. The people had resettled in their land after being exiled for over 70 years. The people all bring together their time, talents, and treasures to rebuild the temple and all of Jerusalem. What do you notice in this text as they give sacrificially and turn their attention to God? What are some ways we can celebrate in the same way here and now?

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