Pardon the Invitation

December 25, 2020

Service: Christmas

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe a time when you were interrupted by someone or something.
  2. Read Luke 1 and Matthew 1. How were the lives of Joseph and Mary interrupted by the announcement of the Angel? Compare and contrast their responses to the news of Jesus to Herod in Matthew 1 & 2.
  3. Read Isaiah 9:2; 6–7. What are the attributes of the coming Messiah? How are these attributes of Jesus multiplied in the world by the Church (Body of Christ)?
  4. Read John 1:1–15. John describes Jesus as one who makes his home among us. Where in your own life and the world do you see Jesus making his home? How is he bringing grace and truth to and through you this Christmas?


Gracious God, you have invited us into a life full of hope, joy, love, and peace and called us to be the light of the world as you are the light of the world. We confess that we have regarded your invitation as an interruption and placed our plans higher than your invitation. Forgive us and renew us so that we can truly represent your grace and truth to our neighbors. Amen.

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