Death to Beast

August 1, 2021

Series: Daniel

Service: Sunday

Book: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 7

Discussion Questions

  • When was a time you tried to do something completely on your own and failed?
  • Compare and contrast the two visions: the 4 metals in Daniel 2 and the 4 beasts in Daniel 7. How are they similar? How are they different? How do they work together to give a prophetic picture?
  • The “beasts” in our lives are the places where we try to meet our own desires and rule our own lives to the detriment of ourselves, others, and the world. Have you noticed how the beasts in your life cause selfishness? Why are we tempted to choose the beasts in our life over the way Jesus is inviting us to live?
  • Read Daniel 7:13–14. Contrary to the four beasts, one was “like a son of man.” Jesus gives himself the title “son of man” 81 times in the gospels. Why do you think Jesus chose that title to describe himself? What do you think Jesus wants us to know about him from this title? How does Jesus help us become fully human?
  • Read through a few of the claims of Jesus with the “son of man” title—John 3:13, Mark 10:45, Matthew 26:64. How does this change how you see Jesus?

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