Weight of Our Words

February 25, 2024

Series: Generations

Service: Sunday

Book: Proverbs

– Describe a funny euphemism or turn of phrase used by someone close to you of another generations

– What resonated with you from the message this week?

– Describe a time when a passing comment you made either really helped or really hurt someone close to you.

– Read Ephesians 4:29–32. What kinds of messages do our words send, directly or indirectly? How might this passage help in our relationships with the next generation?

– Who in your life can you positively influence with your words today? What does this person need to hear from you in the next week? Will you follow through? See The Generations: What Makes Each Tick & Thrive at sov.church/generations for helpful insights.

Click the “Discussion Questions” above for full study guide.

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