28 March 2021
Service: Sunday
Book: Mark

Why Are You Doing This?

Discussion Questions

  1. As you read Mark 11: 8–11, what kind of expectations did the crowd have as Jesus rode into Jerusalem? What do you find most significant about Jesus’ triumphal entry?
  2. Compare and contrast the two stories in Mark 10:35–52. Note the differences and consider that this took place just prior to Jesus’ triumphant entry.
  3. What do you think was at the heart of the request of James and John? How does Jesus answer them? How would you respond?
  4. How does Bartimaeus get Jesus’ attention? How does Jesus respond? What does Bartimaeus’ response reveal about his expectation of what Jesus came to do?
  5. If Jesus asked you, “What do you want me to do for you?”, what would you say?
  6. Read Mark 15:12–15. Do you think any of the same people shouting “Hosanna” also shouted “Crucify Him”? Why or Why not?
  7. What do your prayers from the past week reveal about who you think God is and what His role is in your life?

2022 Pledge

In 2022, I intend to give