Monthly Theme

Spark | Age 3–K

MARCH | Start Your Engines

OVERVIEW | When race car drivers hear the call to “start your engines,” the mission is clear, and they are ready to go, go, go! The same can be said for those of us who follow Jesus. Jesus is calling each of us to start our engines and go do what He has prepared us to do. His call is to “love each other the way I have loved you.” Yes, the mission is clear, and it’s time for us to help our kids get ready to go, go, go and love, love, love—like Jesus!

And, how do we love like Jesus? We put others first and are a good friend. We share with others, help others, and say kind words to each other. When we do these things, our light shines bright and the love of Jesus shines through us. Kids want to show everyone that, “I can do it. I can put on my shoes. I can make my bed. I can carry heavy things.” Let’s help them add, “I can love like Jesus,” to that list. Now, start your engines!

QUESTION | Who can love like Jesus? I love like Jesus.

MEMORY VERSE | “Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

3/7 | Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus teaches that when we love others, we are like a shining light for the world to see.
3/14 | John 13:3-17 Jesus washes His disciples’ feet to show them how to love one another.
3/21 | John 13:34-35 Jesus commands us to love one another the same way He loves us.
3/28 | Matthew 2:1-16 The crows shouts “Hosanna” and spreads coats and palm branches on the road when they see Jesus.

Monthly Theme

Surge | Grades 1–5

MARCH | Bake Off: It’s worth the Wait

OVERVIEW | Waiting is a part of life. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait on our own. God can help us experience the patience we need to wait well. After all, God is patient. God is in control and knows what’s best for us. Even though God’s people had been waiting for years for the promised Savior, at just the right time, God sent Jesus. As we are created in God’s image, we can reflect His patience in our lives. We can be patient when we remember what God has done and trust God no matter what.

LIFE APP | Patience: waiting until later for what you want now.

 MEMORY VERSE | “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 NIrV

3/7 | Luke 2:25-35 Simeon Waits for the Messiah. When you have to wait, remember God is with you.
3/14 | Exodus 32:1-35 Golden Calf. When you have to wait, remember what’s true.
3/21 | Genesis 25:24-34 Esau’s Impatience. If you don’t wait, it could cost you.
3/28 | Matthew 21:1-11 Palm Sunday. You can celebrate even when you’re waiting.