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We believe that God wants everyone to live a full and healthy life. That includes our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We also know bumps on the road of life get us off track and out of balance. That’s why we have resources and partners to help you to find wholeness in your life.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6

At Shepherd, we are a people of prayer. Why? Jesus modeled it, it draws us closer to God and, as a community, we’ve seen and felt its impact. Prayer is powerful because God answers it. That is why prayer is integrated into all that we do – from prayer in corporate worship to teaching the youngest among us how to pray – and why we encourage everyone to grow in prayer as well. 

We want to pray for, and with, you!

Right Now | Submit a prayer request and our team will begin praying for you right now!

Live at Worship | Prayer is always available after all of our worship services. Stop at the Connection Center or connect at the front of the sanctuary.

Find a Small Group | Our groups not only pray, but walk alongside one another and grow. Find a group that is right for you. 

By Appointment | To request a call, fill out a prayer request form and note you’d like a call, or call the office at (651) 436-8248.

Pray with Us | There are many ways you can get involved in the prayer ministry at Shepherd. Check out our Serving page for more information.

Prayer Resources

The TRIP prayer model teaches us to pray the scriptures by asking four questions of any portion of the Bible. It teaches us to pray based on what we hear God saying to us.

We learn to speak by repeating what we hear our parents say. We learn to pray by repeating what we hear God say through the words of the Bible. Then we write our prayers using these four questions to frame our response. We use the acronym TRIP to help us remember this prayer pattern.

Thanks: What in this verse makes me thankful?
Regret: What in this verse causes me regret?
Intercession: What does this text lead me to pray for?
Purpose: What action does this text encourage me to take today?

Additional Teaching | Podcast from Pastor Johan Hinderlie

The ACTS model of prayer reminds us of four key components of prayer, each designed to orient our relationship with God. Just like conversations with friends and family, these elements strengthen our relationship with God. Tip: Write your requests in a prayer journal. This will enable you to look back and see how God has answered your prayers.

Adoration: Adoration is a term of love and awe. What do you love about Jesus? Praise him for his character, his faithfulness to you, & more!
Confession: Confess how and when you recently damaged your relationship with God and others. Where have you fallen short?
Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for? How has God acted in your life? Give thanks and praise!
Supplication: What do you want to ask God for? What do you need? Pray on behalf of yourself and others.

In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches the most well-known prayer of all time. While the Lord’s Prayer unites us, Jesus also designed it as a template for prayer. The outline below uses the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer to guide us in personalizing it for ourselves. Create your prayer by answering the questions below.

Person: Who is God to you? To whom do you pray?
Program: Who is in control? What do you want your life and the world to be like?
Provision: What do you need?
Pardon: What do you need forgiveness for and who do you need to offer forgiveness to?
Protection: What do you need protection from? What temptations? What attacks?
Praise: Thank God for who He is, especially in relationship to the prayers above.

YouVersion Bible app | 7-Day Guide to Prayer
Prayer by Timothy Keller

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