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Stories outshine information. They cast vision and answer questions. Celebration, reflection, and lament through story communicates what we as humans, and as a church, care about!

We’re inviting stories from all seasons of life and seasons of growth. By sharing your story, you’re helping draw others into a greater purpose. Your story helps you and others see God’s work in us and the world. Thank you!

Marks of a Compelling Story

Honest Beats Flashy

Relatable, vulnerable, not necessarily a happy ending or resolution

Keep It Simple

Short, important details. You've got this!


Problem, hesitation, conflict, uncertainty


Movement, learning, growth, loss, acceptance

Why It Matters

Where do you see God at work in you and/or others?

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A Coach For More

I heard about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sports Camp at a Sunday worship service and was interested in being a part of it for a couple of reasons—First, I love all sports and enjoy coaching kids in sports. Second, FCA was something that I never was able to participate in when I was a kid in sports. Not offered in my community growing up, I think it is a fantastic way to learn about God, sports, communication, and teamwork.

So, I wanted to help and reached out to Pastor Christian who signed me up. Luckily my employer provides us with 80 hours each year of Time2Give which allows us to support an initiative or charity of our choice and I chose the FCA Sports Camp!

I was a bit nervous about being an FCA Camp coach as I hadn’t coached for 10+ years since my two boys were in sports. I also had never really led any kind of worship or bible study. I learned that you don’t have to be perfect! Our kids have extreme grace and were very willing to participate in both sports and learning and sharing the Bible.

By the end of the week, it was so much fun to see the kids engaged and participating in all things FCA. I also enjoyed the other camp coaches and volunteers’ participation as it was all for these great kids!!

In the end it was very satisfying for me to participate in this camp! I loved the interaction, the participation, the sports and activities. Brent Voight from FCA did a fantastic job in coordination and worship and I believe that each one of those kids learned about God and a little bit about themselves and their own capabilities!

Jon Huhn
2022 FCA Sports Camp Volunteer

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