A Friend That Spurs You On

May 5, 2024

Series: Friendship

Service: Sunday

Book: 1 Samuel, John

Scripture: 1 Samuel 20:42

-Think about one of your close friends. How did you meet and become friends? What leads you to consider them a close friend now? 

-Read 1 Samuel 18:1-4. What do you know about the Jonathan and David friendship? What do you think is the significance of their commitment to one another? How does it affect their friendship? 

-How do you respond to the C.S. Lewis quote: “To be loved is to be vulnerable.” Do you agree with this comment? How has vulnerability played a role in your relationships? 

-Read John 15:14-16. What does it mean to have friendship with God? How can friendship with God have an influence on our other relationships?

-Do you have friends that spur you on in faith? Can you share about a time when a friend did that for you? If you don’t, what might keep you from a relationship like that? 


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