A Friend Who Encourages

May 19, 2024

Service: Sunday

Book: Acts

Which of these groups of infamous friends has the strongest friendship? Why?

  • Batman and Robin? (DC Comics)
  • Buzz Light Year and Woody? (Toy Story)
  • Scooby-Doo and Shaggy? 

Share about a time that someone was particularly encouraging to you. How did it impact you? 

Read Acts 9:26-27. What role did Barnabas play when Saul (turned Paul) tried to join the disciples in Jerusalem? Why do you think Barnabas decided to support Saul despite the fears of the other disciples? 

How might we fight our tendency to want to support and agree with our friends in moments that they may need us to share a harder truth for their benefit? 

What is the line between “just saying it like it is” and speaking truth in love? 

How might benefit from an encouraging word or time with you in the near future? Reach out and make it happen!

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