February 27, 2022

Series: Journey

Service: Sunday

Book: Jeremiah

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:1–14

Discussion Questions

  1. Share about a time when you felt homesick. What factors contributed to the feeling? What makes a place feel like home to you?
  2. Read Jeremiah 29:4–14. Reflecting on verses 5–7, in light of God’s people being exiled and away from their home, what do you think they expected or hoped God’s message would be? How was this message surprising?
  3. How might we see verses 5–7 and 11 differently in light of God’s promise given to people away from their home?
  4. Regardless of our location, 1 Peter 2:11 describes Jesus followers as exiles and foreigners in a world that often lives contrary to God’s kingdom. How might the verses in Jeremiah give us instruction and hope in our lives?

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