In Our Coming & Going

June 5, 2022

Series: Empowered

Service: Sunday

Book: Acts

Scripture: Acts 1–2

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe a time when you were surprised with good news.
  2. Read Acts 1:1–10. What do you notice about Jesus’ instructions? What can we learn from them in our own faith lives here and now?
  3. Acts 1:8 gives us a roadmap for the gospel’s outward movement. What are your Jerusalem (those near you and culturally like you), Judea (those a little further but still like you), Samaria (those near you but unlike you culturally), and the ends of the earth (those far from you and very different from you)?
  4. Read Acts 2:1–12 What do you notice about how the Holy Spirit empowered the first Christians on Pentecost? How might this gift be helpful in spreading the gospel to the world? What gifts are needed to do so today, through us?

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