Lead Others

11 September 2022
Series: Lead
Service: Sunday
Book: Titus
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Bible Passage: Titus 2:6–8

Discussion Questions

  1. In your life, who sent you the best letters or cards? What made them so special to receive?
  2. Read Titus 2:1–10. Paul uses the examples of first century family relationships to demonstrate the need for living a life different from the culture. What values does Paul list in these examples? What would you list if you were writing this letter today?
  3. There are three “so that” statements in this section. How are these reasons for a different life relevant to our culture today?
  4. Read Titus 3:4–8. In the final “so that” Paul uses the preceding poem to help us understand what is most important about our commitment to live a good life. What do you see in the poem worthy of his final “so that?”


Gracious God, You have called us to be leaders putting your character on display through how we live our lives. We confess that we have fallen short and chosen not to lead by example. We hide behind excuses and shrink from your call to all of your followers to lead with grace. Forgive us, empower us with your Holy Spirit to lead wherever you have called us. Show us in our spheres of influence how to lead lives that exemplify your heart for the world

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