Caitlin Ronayne

Serving & Special Needs Coordinator

Serving, sovKids, The Circuit

What’s the short version of your professional journey?
Special Education degree at UW Eau Claire. Taught High School Special Education in Quito, Ecuador; also in Woodbury for 2 years. Started at Shepherd Nov 2015
If you could invent a holiday, what would it involve?
Just celebrating fall. It would have harvest vibes, but not the scary Halloween stuff
What’s easy for me to do:
I’m super social so my social battery is always charged. Ready to have a good time always!
What’s hard for me to do:
Cooking. I want to like it, but it’s not my thing
If MN & WI had a giant potluck, what would you add to the table?
Any type of dip. Probably cream cheese based
Favorite thing about my neighborhood or home:
My Christmas tree. I have the cutest little tree for my apartment. I’m tempted to leave it up all year around

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