Kari Kahl

Student Ministry Operations Coordinator

The Circuit

What’s the short version of your professional journey?
Education degree at Luther College; management in Customer Relations at Northwest Airlines; stay-at-home mom; student ministry at Trinity Church in Stillwater; children’s and student ministry at Shepherd
If you could invent a holiday, what would it involve?
Celebrating ice cream, making it culturally acceptable to have it at all three meals of the day
Favorite time of day:
9:00am. It’s my most productive time of day (following 2 cups of coffee)
If MN & WI had a giant potluck, what would you add to the table?
Red Jello pretzel “salad,” because every potluck should have a Jello “salad”
Funniest name for a pet:
My friend had a cat named “Tinkerbell”, until they realized it was a boy, then changed the name to “TinkerBill”
Favorite thing about my neighborhood or home:
The 100 year-old-homes and 100 year-old trees in my Stillwater neighborhood

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