But God Has Shown Me…

June 6, 2021

Series: Unity

Service: Sunday

Book: Acts

Scripture: Acts 10

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Acts 10:1–8. What do you notice about Cornelius? Who in your life is not necessarily “religious” but is “God-fearing”—maybe even prayerful and generous?
  2. The Holy Spirit intervenes in Peter’s life and changes his construct by showing Peter a vision. Has the Holy Spirit ever spoken to you through a vision? If so, share about it.
  3. An often repeated scenario in the Bible is the Holy Spirit calling a person to “step out” who at first says “no way!” Have you ever resisted the call or work of the Holy Spirit in your life? If so, share.
  4. Is there anyone in your life, or any group of people in culture, that you might be tempted to call unclean? If so, who? And if God put them in a sheet, would you go to them in gospel love?


Gracious God, you have given us the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us. You have chosen us, your Church, to break down the walls that divide people by sharing the Gospel of your love poured out through Jesus. We confess that we have allowed our hearts to be hardened to the movement of your Grace in our own lives and the lives of others. We have clung to our ways of looking at the world rather than embracing your Kingdom perspective. Forgive us and show us again your vision for the world and help us to love as you love and serve as you serve. Amen.

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