Chasing the Blessing

February 12, 2023

Series: Origins

Service: Sunday

Book: Genesis

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe a time when you have been so focused on a task that you missed something happening around you.
  2. Read Genesis 25:29–34. In what ways did Esau “despise” his birthright? Why might have Jacob felt the need to take advantage of Esau’s disregard for the value of his birthright? Describe a time when you have underestimated the value of something.
  3. Read Genesis 27:1–45. Jacob means trickster or heal catcher. In what ways does Jacob live up to his name?
  4. How does the scheme between Jacob and Rebecca harm their family? In what ways does Isaac’s spiritual blindness and misunderstanding of blessing make matters worse?
  5. Read Genesis 32:24–31. How does God help Jacob own his name (trickster) in order to give him a new one? Describe a time when you have wrestled with God and he has brought you into a new realization of his grace.

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