The New Language of Blessing

February 19, 2023

Series: Origins

Service: Sunday

Book: Ephesians

Scripture: Ephesians 1:3

Discussion Questions

  1. Who has the most calming voice in your small group? Ask them to read Ephesians 1:3. What are your greatest blessings right now?
  2. Consider your life as a whole and the significant words spoken over you. What are the most noteworthy messages you have received from others? Maybe a coach that inspired you? Maybe an authority figure who said something that stung?
  3. How did those words impact you? Change you? Change your direction? Reorient your plans? Using the full range of feelings, how do you remember feeling at that time? How do you feel remembering them now?
  4. Have that same calming voice read this, “God says something about you before anyone else has said anything else about you. Before you have succeeded or failed. In your baptism, like in Jesus’ baptism, God says these words of blessing, “you are my beloved.” This is the blessing before all other words, and will be the blessing after all other words have been spoken. This is the truest word—your truest identity.”
  5. Looking back, how might your heart respond in prayer? Maybe it is a prayer of release. Maybe a prayer of forgiveness—absolving those who spoke damaging words. Maybe a prayer of gratitude for those who blessed you. Talk about how you might pray—looking backwards.
  6. Looking forward, how does your heart anticipate the next season? What is your prayer for those God has put in your life to speak words of blessing? What is your prayer of blessing for your church? For your neighborhood?

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