For Not From

November 12, 2023

Series: Generosity

Service: Sunday

Book: Matthew

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe a time in your life when you felt anxious about not having enough of something.
  2. Read Matthew 9:19–21. What is the difference between the treasures in heaven and on earth? Give some examples of each. How has your heart been connected to your treasure in your life?
  3. Read Matthew 6:22–23. These verses are connected to the last, how? How might what we put our focus or heart on affect the whole of our lives?
  4. Read Matthew 6:24. Describe a time when you tried to serve both masters.
  5. Read Matthew 6:25–34. Anxiety’s remedy is trust. In this passage, how does Jesus invite us to trust? How are you doing at that in this season of your life? 
  6. Share a prayer with God for increased trust that God wants true freedoms for you and all areas of your life.

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