Appreciation vs Worship

November 5, 2023

Series: Christianity

Service: Sunday

Book: John

Scripture: John 4:19–24

Discussion Questions | Download Full Discussion Guide

  1. What is your favorite worship song or hymn?
  2. Describe a time when your preference in worship differed from someone else’s. How did you respond?
  3. How are worship and admiration different?
  4. In John 4:19–24 what do you think Jesus meant when he spoke about worshiping in “spirit and truth?” How should this affect our worship today?
  5. Read Matthew 4:8–10. How does Satan twist the concept of worship? How do people fall into this trap today? What does Jesus’ response tell us about the value of worship in our lives?
  6. While worshiping, God invited the community to send Paul and Barnabas on a mission that would change the world—see Acts 13:1–3. What connection is there between worship and hearing from God?

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