Individual vs Personal

October 22, 2023

Series: Christianity

Service: Sunday

Book: Ephesians

Discussion Questions | Download Full Discussion Guide

  1. What’s the best group or team experience you’ve had? What was it like? Is your church experience similar to or different from this?
  2. In what ways do you have the tendency to make your faith all about you? How can healthy balance be found?
  3. Read Genesis 2:18–23. What does Genesis 2 tell us about how we were created from the very beginning for life with each other and with God? How can this group help you to connect relationally to others? Why is that important?
  4. Consider Ephesians 2:19–22. What is the main message of this passage? What does it mean to be built together into a holy temple? List some practical ways we are built together—how does that form a “holy temple?”
  5. Considering our larger community in the valley, how can we use our personal connection with God to make a difference in the community?

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