Learning to Live Without Worry

November 1, 2020

Service: Sunday

Discussion Questions

  1. Is it possible to not worry? Do you think worry is helpful or changes things?
  2. Have you ever missed out on enjoying something because you were worried about something else?
  3. What’s the difference between worrying and being cautious? Give an example.
  4. Read Matthew 6:25–34. Jesus asks, “Are you not of more value than they?” (verse 26).  What is he getting at?
  5. Give a current example of “running after or striving for” the things mentioned (verses 31 & 32). Does this show up in some way in your life?
  6. How does God want us to handle our worries?
  7. In The Good and Beautiful Life, James Bryan Smith writes, “Worry happens when I am on the throne of my life, when I live in the kingdom of me. But we trust when God is on the throne of our lives and we live in his kingdom. That is why the solution to worrying is to seek first the kingdom” (p. 178). What are some practical ways you could let go of worry and live in His kingdom?
  8. Which topic in the series has been most helpful as you seek to live more fully in the kingdom: anger, lust, judging, greed, pride, worry? How have you been impacted?

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