From Relevance to Prayer

August 16, 2020

Series: Contempt

Service: Sunday

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Matthew 4:1–4. In what ways could Satan’s temptation of Jesus to “be relevant” and fix an earthly need in the wrong way be expressed in our own perspective on politics?
  2.  Read Matthew 7:1–5. What are some of the ways you have judged others?
  3. How have you tried to remove the speck from the eye of someone who disagreed with you politically? What are some of the political planks in your own eye?
  4. For Kids: What are some examples of a time you have tried to do the right thing (solve a problem) in the wrong way?

Confession: Father, you have called your Church to love and serve in your name looking to you for guidance. We confess that we have thought our ways of solving the world’s problems are best. We confess that we have neglected the planks in our own eyes and sought to remove specks from the eyes of others. Forgive us, renew us and help us to show our friends and neighbors what grace looks like through how we live and speak. Amen.

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